A Fat Girl's Life

This blog is about exactly what its title implies. A fat girl, telling you about life as seen from her eyes. If it is slightly skewed, you can blame it on the fact that her eyes have been squished by her plump cheeks.

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The one wrong thing

Okay, my life is really not as bad as I’m making it out to be. I may be fat, but I’m also very popular and have been told by practically everyone I’ve encountered through life, be it my mother or a colleague I’ve met in the ladies loo that I have a gorgeous face and “if i could just lose 10 kgs, I don’t know how gorgeous I would be!” Oh well…

But somehow somewhere, no matter how happy I am, no matter how many guys are showing interest in me, no matter how many plans I have lined up for Friday night, there hangs my fatness. Like a sword over my head. Like a constant drone in the background…’you’re fat you’re fat you’re fat’…. *sigh* something must be done.


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